• Administrative Assistant

    Vacancy: Administrative Assistant at Administration Office
    Non-Certified; Full time; hourly
    260 days with 11 paid holidays

    Job Description: The administrative assistant assists with the day-to-day operations of
    the admin office and also serves as the secretary to the superintendent.

    Essential Functions:

    • Answers the phone, direct calls, and admits visitors into the building
    • Sorts and processes district mail and deliveries
    • Maintains Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training Certificate through DISA
    • Distribute and track annual requirements for bus drivers
    • Track and report to the Indiana DOE bus evacuation drill
    • Monitor compliance for bus drivers, IE: yellow cards, physicals
    • Performs FSCMA clearinghouse inquires annually
    • Prepares contracts for bus drivers and maintains required driver documentation
    • Print yellow cards for all CDL drivers
    • Receipt in any funds received for the corporation
    • Serves as secretary to the superintendent
    • Helps with preparation and mailing of the School Board packet
    • Places repair calls for all district equipment including bus maintenance
    • Orders supplies for the district admin office as needed
    • Works with the Business Manager/Treasurer to process purchase orders, claims, and requisitions for all purchases
    • Assists the Superintendent, Business Manager/Treasurer, and Deputy Treasurer as needed or assigned

    • High school diploma minimum; college degree preferred
    • Experience in business management and accounting
    • Experience in public school finance preferred
    • Komputrol experience preferred
    • Demonstrated the ability to establish and maintain effective relationships
    • Excellent communication and organizational skills
    • Displays an acceptable skill level in reading, writing, and mathematics
    • Proficient in computer skills necessary for the job
    • Ability to pass criminal background check
    • Ability to be bonded

    To Apply: Online applications may be submitted through our website at www.swshelby.k12.in.us Position open until filled.

    3406 West 600 South
    Shelbyville, Indiana 46176-9632
    Phone: 317-729-5746 Fax 317-729-5330

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