• AutoCAD Draftsman

    Posted: 10/08/2023

    AutoCAD Draftsman
    CraneWerks Engineering department is in search of a Draftsman to be a part of our team. You should be able to create technical drawings and drafts as per the specifications and building requirements. Also, you should be able to submit the draft for review and make changes upon gathering feedback.  As a CraneWerks Draftsman, you should be familiar with CAD and CAD Solidworks software and 3D modeling tools. Moreover, you should have an excellent eye for detail and strong technical skills. You should be able to outline the construction process and the engineering requirements in the drawings in an understandable manner.

    • Creating technical drawings as per the specifications and calculations provided
    • Using CAD Solidworks software and modeling tools to create rough sketches as well as detailed drawings
    • Communicating with the Engineers to determine the technical requirements
    • Submitting the drafts to the Engineer for review
    • Ensuring that the final designs meet the industry standards and building regulations
    • Examining and noting any errors in the technical designs
    • Calculating weight limitations and other structural dimensions before beginning work
    • Making changes to the technical drawings and drafts based on the feedback provided by the Engineers
    · Bachelor’s degree in Drafting and Engineering would be nice but not necessary.
    • ADDA certification is desirable
    • Proven work experience as a Draftsman in the Engineering department
    • Familiarity with Computer-Aided Design software such as Solidworks as well as 3D modeling tools
    • Excellent technical skills
    • Strong mathematical skills
    • Having a keen eye for detail
    • Ability to work independently and collaboratively
    • Good time management and organizational skills
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Ability to manage stressful situations and strict deadlines
    Job Type: Full-time
    Salary: $24.00 - $26.00 per hour
    • 8 hour shift
    Can apply online at Career Opportunities🏗️ | CraneWerks
    Email: employment@cranewerks.com