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  • Data Manager (Part-Time)

    Posted: 01/02/2022

    School District Position Description/Work Requirements


    Position Title: Data Manager (Part-Time)


    SUMMARY: To serve as a data manager specialist at SES.


    ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Other duties may be assigned):

    • Assist the Special Ed. Department with documentation uploads and IIEP data

    • Maintain confidentiality with all student records and corporation documents

    • Assist central office staff with daily operations on as needed basis

    • Data Requests

    • Create and update PowerSchool data reports using MS Excel.

    • Respond to data requests, both internal and external.

    • Update staff report and data request templates.

    • Assist with the import and export of data to/from PowerSchool with other applications utilized by Shelby Eastern Schools.

    • Technology Support

    • Provide initial/first contact PowerSchool support to staff.

    • Assist staff with submitting tickets to both IN DOE and PowerSchool when needed.

    • Support staff use of Google Drive file storage and Google App usage as it relates to PowerSchool and other applications that utilize PowerSchool data.

    • Technology Training

    • Provide training and technical assistance as needed for staff regarding IN DOE state reporting.

    • Provide tips and training for staff on how to clear and prevent errors in the Data Exchange.

    • Utilize software packages to assist staff with project requests such as forms, spreadsheets, and various tools.

    • Assist the Superintendent and Director as needed with special projects as needed.


    QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: As additional requirements are placed on SES for data submissions and management, we are seeking to fill a new position to assist with the management and organization of that data.  This position will assist IT, SPED, and the district office with data entry, collection, and submission on multiple platforms including PowerSchool, IIEP, the State’s data exchange and others.