• Inv/Mat Cntrl Clrk, Assoc

    Posted: 07/31/2022

    Inv/Mat Cntrl Clrk, Assoc - $20/hr

    Compiles records concerned with quantity, cost, and type of material received, in stock, or issued. Requisitions needed supplies; verifies material received to determine irregularities in order; inspects articles and rejects defective ones. Prepares inventory records and reports and investigates discrepancies in stock counts. Prepares data for computer input and works with computer printouts. Uses personal computer (PC) and material/ production tracking software.


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities


    • Know and follow general company and corporate policies and procedures.
    • Know, understand, and follow department policies and procedures.
    • Counts, sorts, or weighs incoming articles to verify receipt of items on requisition or invoices.
    • Examines stock to verify conformance to specifications.
    • Stores articles in bins, on floor, or on shelves, according to identifying information such as style, size, or type of material.
    • Fills orders or issues supplies from stock.
    • Prepares periodic, special, or perpetual inventory of stock.
    • Requisitions articles to fill incoming orders.
    • Compiles reports on use of stock handling equipment, adjustments of inventory counts, receiving inspection judgments, and stock records, spoilage and/or damage to stock, location changes, job WIP, and refusal of shipments.
    • Marks identifying codes, figures, or letters on articles.
    • Distributes stock among production workers, keeping records of material issued.
    • Adjusting or repairing articles carried in stock.
    • Determines methods of storage, identification, and stock location, considering temperature, humidity, height and weight limits, turnover, floor loading capacities, and required space.
    • Moves or transports material or supplies to other work areas.
    • Report to work on time, follow instructions from supervisor or management, interact well co-workers, understand and follow work rules and procedures.
    • Other various duties as needed or as assigned.