• Uses safe work practices and counsels other employees to do the same, as necessary. This includes understanding and complying with the lock-out/tag-out procedures. 
  • Determines if machines need to be taken out of production for repairs or service. 
  • Prioritizes work when more than one issue needs addressed at a time. 
  • Takes an active role in the requisitioning of parts/materials necessary for the continued operation of the plant. 
  • Perform preventative maintenance as scheduled and as needed. 
  • Knows all safety warning signs and signals and takes corrective action. 
  • Communicate maintenance issues with other shifts to ensure continuity of operation. Read and record comments in both Maintenance and Production logbooks. 
  • Insures that housekeeping in the Maintenance Department is maintained to a safe level and that equipment, tools, supplies, etc. are properly stored at all times, as well as before leaving such area for breaks, meal times, and end of the shift. 
  • Maintains a safe, clean and organized work area. 
  • Must be able to report to work on time and work all hours required of the job, including mandatory overtime; may be required to occasionally cover shifts other than the one for which hired. 
  • Remains current on plant and safety matters, participating regularly in department/plant safety meetings. 
  • Performs other work related duties and projects as directed.
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