• Dog Groomer

    Posted: 06/19/2022

    Job Description
    We are a busy and established salon located in downtown Shelbyville, IN, who has been operating since 2011, looking for a passionate full-time groomer to join our team! All of our grooming stations have hydraulic assisted tables, to include our bathtubs! (No more aching back bending and lifting unruly dogs!) Groomer's Helper leads and general grooming supplies are included with employment, as well as shear and blade sharpening/repair or equipment maintenance. 

    The most common daily work activities consist of washing and cutting fur, clipping/filing nails, cleaning ears, deshedding dog coats, maintaining a dog's physical appearance, expressing anal glands, and sanitizing equipment and work areas. A few various tasks such as; scheduling new appointments/recurring appointments, reporting issues and/or health assessments to respective owners. Updating client notes is also expected. 

    We are looking for energetic individuals who can display the following skills - ability to work with dogs, knowledge of grooming techniques for all breeds of dogs; excellent animal handling skills, client service skills, physical stamina to hold and groom heavy dogs.

    Job Details

    $18,000.00 - 60,000.00 per year

    Job Type
    Full-time, part-time

    Supplemental Pay

    • Commission pay
    • Tips
    8 hour shift

    Paid time off
    Flexible schedule 
    Employee discount
    Professional development assistance