• Materials Manager

    Posted: 01/15/2023

    Materials Manager 

    C-Tech Corporation, Inc. has been installing guardrail, bridge and handrail systems, impact attenuators,  fence, sheet signs and monuments in Indiana since 1985. C-Tech’s corporate office is in Shelby County,  Indiana. 

    C-Tech Corporation, Inc. is looking to hire a materials manager. The materials manager will be  responsible for all purchasing activities from working with project managers and others to determine  purchasing needs through the quotation, ordering and receipt process. They will also be responsible for  overseeing the tracking, monitoring, storage and organization of all inventory and special order materials.  

    Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

    • Purchasing 
      • Monitoring inventory levels and working with operations/project managers to determine  inventory purchasing needs 
      • Working with project managers to determine special order purchasing needs
      • Obtaining quotes from vendors for all purchasing (inventory, special order, tools,  equipment, and other items as needed) and negotiating favorable pricing 
      • Preparing purchase orders and submitting orders to vendors 
      • Verifying receipt and approving invoices for payment 
      • Implementing systems to effectively track and organize all materials 
      • Oversees year-end physical inventory 
      • Manage and monitor the storage of purchased items 
      • Help maintain the accuracy of the perpetual inventory system 

    Interested candidates, please send your resumé to hr@c-techinc.net

    5300 WEST 100 NORTH BOGGSTOWN, IN 46110 | 317-835-2745 | WWW.C-TECHINC.NET