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  • Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: 10-2-2020

    Tank was a recipient of a mini fashion show today as he was sporting a bandana that was part of a huge donation from Knauf (thank you Knauf) as well as a camo jacket (can you see him)?!  Tank lived with Mama, the cat who is also needing a home.  Their family is having an extremely rough time and surrendered all their pets to us.  Tank is one-and-a-half year old Pit Bull Terrier mix that lived with a tiny Chihuahua as well as a cat and kittens.  He also lived with children of all ages, and was gentle with everything and everyone.  When Tank came in he was extremely hungry and thirsty.  He and the chi both drank simultaneously from the water bowl and he made his little buddy get what he needed and was so gracious.  Tank is still a bit overwhelmed in his new surroundings, trying to figure out why Mama is in another room, the tiny Chihuahua went to rescue where it was adopted from and he doesn't know us or the other dogs.  He is very affectionate and sweet, knows how to sit and will give you as many kisses as you want!  His adoption fee of $95 covers his neuter surgery, rabies/booster vaccinations, wormer, flea preventative, Home Again microchip and registration.  If you adopt on any Friday in October during our "Falls Friday" even, all pets will have waived fees!  Maybe adopt his friend Mama also!  Because of his breed, make sure you are permitted to own a Pit Bull, owned homes are usually easier to adopt breed restrictive pets to as they don't have a landlord.  We are open 10:30 to 4:30, we invite you to come and see what we have and enjoy some refreshments.  Email me at cbrowder@cityofshelbyvillein.com or call your tireless shelter team at 317-392-5127.  Thank you for your support of us and our loving homeless babies.  God bless you, stay safe, Chris Browder