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  • Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: 11-12-2020

    Meet our newest owner relinquished cat they called Breadstick.  Yes, you can tell the children had a part in his cute name!  The gentleman stated this cat showed up at his home around the 200 block of West Locust Street  in May.  He started to feed the sweet stray and because of his wonderful personality (and the fact he was already neutered) they decided to keep him.  He is fabulous around the children, he estimates him to be about three years old and seems to be possessive of his human.  Breadstick has received his kitty boosters, wormer and flea meds and his adoption fee has been waived.  His owner feels he would be happiest as the only pet and he is litterbox trained.  In just two weeks we will be closed for Thanksgiving.  How thankful our pets would be if you gave them a forever home.  Come check out what we have weekdays from 10:30 to 4:30.  Questions?  Email me at cbrowder@cityofshelbyvillein.com or call your shelter team at 317-392-5127.  Thank you for supporting the only shelter in Shelby County.  God bless you, Chris Browder