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  • Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: 2/22/19

    Thank you Taylor for your adorable puppy pictures.  Yes, don't adjust your screen, this is a puppy!  Originally, Hank was relinquished to our shelter on June 1, he was born on February 3, 2018 and the owner surrendered the Hound/Dane/Pit Bull mix because the puppy nips at her two year old toddler.  Not long afterwards he was adopted, renamed Dover and later scheduled for his neuter surgery.  Unfortunately he was a no show (a big no no) and his owner was never able to reschedule his surgery.  Because they now have four children, two of which are newborn twins, it became just too much and although the husband wanted to keep him and continue training him as he isn't quite 100% housebroken, his wife didn't want to keep him.  He is great with children and lived with another dog although sometimes they didn't get along.  He knows the command for sit and really doesn't know his size as he just wants to be on you!  He is already microchipped although the previous owner wasn't sure where is tag is, his adoption fee has been waived and once adopted his mandatory neuter surgery will be scheduled along with his rabies vaccination.  Dover (or Hank) is microchipped and has received his puppy booster and wormer.   Questions?  Email me anytime at cbrowder@cityofshelbyvillein.com or call your compassionate shelter team at 317-392-5127.  If you have another dog, we always encourage meet and greets as harmony in your  home is paramount.  Thank you for your support of Dover/Hank and all of our homeless babies.  God bless you, Chris Browder


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