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  • Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: 6-12-20

    I believe these are the best pictures that our old office camera (donated by Officer Lane) has ever taken.  I know it is because of the "model" as she sat so perfectly still and just melted with all the baby talk that was going on.  I couldn't help myself, just look at that face.  The boss named her Rosey and we wish she could tell us her story, but based on her eyes, it quite possibly could be a story of a lot of litters of pups.  We got a call on May 8th that this beautiful Bully was coming across a field near the Shelby / Marion / Hancock County lines on 800 West.  She was emaciated and begging for food, but would take off.  Over four days this kind woman earned her trust and animal control was able to get her.  You could tell that once upon a time, she was a beefy girl but now her noticeable ribcage and hip bones were protruding and she appeared very lopsided with her beautiful large head.  Who knows how long she could have been on her own.  She also had missing fur and the texture of her coat showed she had been in the elements.  She was also dirty.  She was hungry, and it was no surprise that she would guard her food when another dog would walk outside of her kennel.  She weighed in at 38.6 pounds.  No microchip,  no collar and based on her underside, it appeared she could have had many, many litters.  Some of her nipples hanging three inches.  We let her eat, rest and gave her love.  Slowly the beauty started to gain weight, strength and muscle tone started to develop, along with her trusting and loving personality.  She now weighs 59.5 pounds, of solid muscle.  She's built like a Mack truck, strong and low to the ground.  She walks past the barking dogs, all jealous that it is her turn to go outside and play during our COVID shutdown and Rosey strides past them like she doesn't hear a thing.  Rosey was fortunate to be selected for vetting at the incredible Vet Tech Institute in Indianapolis.  They are phenomenal.  They estimate her at two years old, wow what a rough two years this gal has had but just look at her now.  She was spayed, given her rabies and booster vaccinations, thank God tested negative for heartworm, microchipped through AVID, wormed and had a blood panel drawn.  Yesterday she returned to her shelter home.  With her bull-legged strut she once again surveyed the fenced-in play area this morning, sniffing here and there, and then stood and modeled, sat and posed, then finally rested on the ground for more pictures and hearing the soothing words telling her how beautiful she is and good she is.  I think Rosey could have just layed in the fenced-in kennel all day, smelling the air, listening to the birds, she is a content gentle bully.  I hate to think that someone just let her go.  Rosey is an inside dog, because we don't know her story, we are looking for her to be the only pet with older children.  Like all of our adoptions, we want serious inquiries only.  Don't adopt for today, think ten to fifteen years from today.  If you are interested in meeting Rosey, email me for an app at cbrowder@cityofshelbyvillein.com or call your shelter team at 317-392-5127 weekdays from 9 to 5. 
    Chris Browder