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  • Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: 6/7/19

    He has had three different names and owners but the same loving and tender heart beats in his chest.  Now named Jack, he is a Bulldog/Chihuahua mix that was relinquished back in March of 2016.  Only a puppy, the owner stated he was in a kennel 24/7 and she just didn't have time for him.  To this day, Jack hugs you when you enter his kennel and tries to keep you from leaving.  His second owner stated he played to rough for her toddler, as did the third owner who surrendered him to another shelter.  We are always happy when we get our dogs back.  With that darling under-bite and the zest he has when he sees a ball, it wasn't that way when Jack returned from the other shelter as he sat outside for a week wanting no part of food or the staff or volunteers.  A bite of pizza helped Jack realize that we aren't so bad!  Jack is housebroken, good with other dogs and knows the command for sit and stay.  He is neutered, microchipped and for his short and squat build, strong on a leash.  Jack is probably the happiest dog we have right now and trusting that his fourth owner will actually love forever.  His fee has been waived making him free to an approved home.


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