• CIRTA/Commuter Connect: Your September Update on all things CIRTA

    September 18, 2023
    Beginning Today: Newly Expanded Transportation Services for Seniors & People With Disabilities
    CIRTA, in partnership with CICOA, is relaunching their My Freedom program providing affordable, cross-county transportation to Central Indiana residents. Check out the below Q&A about the program and begin sharing the news in your community. 
    What are the eligibility and age requirements
    • Clients aged 60 years or older. 
    • Clients aged 60 years or older are required to complete an application but are not required to get a medical verification form completed by a doctor.
    • Clients of any age with ANY disability. 
    • Clients of any age with a disability are required to complete an application as well as having a medical verification form completed and signed by a doctor
    • If the client is an IndyGo Access participant, a copy of their ACTIVE IndyGo Access card will be accepted in lieu of a medical verification form being completed.  
    What are the program requirements?    
    • Clients must utilize the program to cross a county line (or) 
    • Trips can be taken within the same county in one of the 7 surrounding counties adjacent to Marion County, or in Madison County. 
    • May not be used for trips fully in Marion County. For Marion County to Marion County trips please reach out to IndyGo Access by calling 317-635-3344. 
    What can this program be used for? Program can be utilized for ANY reason. Some examples include work, socialization to visit family and friends, church, barber or beauty salon, medical/dental/vision appointments, therapy appointments, dialysis treatment, grocery store runs, pharmacy runs and more. 
    What area does this program cover? Marion County, Hamilton County, Hendricks County, Morgan County, Boone County, Shelby County, Johnson County, Hancock County, and Madison County. 
    • Must use the program to cross one county line (or) 
    • Use within the same county in one of the 7 surrounding counties adjacent to Marion County (or) in Madison County. 
    What will the cost of my trip be? Consumers will pay 25% of the total cost of the trip. The remaining 75% of the cost of the trip will be split and paid for by CIRTA, CICOA and Federal Transit Administration funding.
    • If the pickup location is in Marion County and crossing one county line, the cost of each trip will include a $5 pickup fee plus $2 per mile. The system will calculate the shortest mileage route when calculating the cost of the trip. 
    • The $5 pickup fee and $2 per mile will be calculated for each trip. A roundtrip consists of 2 one-way trips. 
    • If the pickup location is in one of the following counties: Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Morgan or Shelby County, there will be minimum trip charge fees associated with these trips due to the “dead head” mileage accrued by the provider.
    • If traveling with Ztrip, please call them at (317) 487-7777 to inquire on the pricing. 
    How many counties can I cross? Only one county line can be crossed per one-way trip.
    Where can I apply? Go to www.cicoa.org and apply online or contact our Way2go transportation department at (317)803-6153 and press option #3 for assistance.
    How do I obtain a farecard for travel? Once the consumer is accepted into the program, a farecard will be issued in the welcome packet. The consumer will call the Way2go office at 317-803-6153 and press option #3 to add fare to their card for transportation. 
    How does a farecard work? The consumer calls the Way2go office to add funds to the farecard. The consumer will give their farecard and their ID to the provider upon arriving for transport. The provider will enter the pickup and destination address into the system, then they will scan the consumer’s card for payment. 
    Who are the providers for this program? A list of providers will be issued in the welcome packet.  
    Join Us Friday, September 22nd for Car Free Day
    Car Free Day is just around the corner, and we need your help spreading the word! 
    Encourage others to go car-free or car-lite on Friday, September 22nd and join us at Monument Circle in downtown Indy. There will be breakfast provided by Wild Eggs (7 – 9 a.m.) and lunch with live music from The Doo! Band (11 a.m. – 1 p.m.). If you live in a northern suburb, visit the Car Free Day celebrations with Coffee on the Monon at Midtown Plaza (6:30 – 9 a.m.) in Carmel. 
    Register for a chance to win a $250 VISA gift card as well as P!NK, Tim McGraw and John Mayer concert tickets, plus other giveaways happening all day long! Invite CIRTA to stop by your business for easy onsite registration for Car Free Day. Call 317.327.RIDE (7433) or email info@cirta.us
    Make plans now to go car-free or car-lite by taking an alternative form of transportation, biking, carpooling, or combining trips - anything other than driving alone! Practice this all day long whether it’s picking up kids from school or running to the grocery store. Little changes make a big impact on our environment! 
    CIRTA Celebrates being a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Agency 
    National Transportation Demand Management (TDM) week is September 18th – 22nd. TDM creates accessible and reliable transportation options that our communities need to thrive and improves our daily travel. Some of TDM’s effects include: 
    • Reducing road congestion
    • Improving transportation system efficiency
    • Bringing communities together 
    • Stimulating economic activity 
    • Improving air quality 
    CIRTA is proud to be a TDM agency and help make Central Indiana sustainable and commuter friendly. CIRTA helps residents live out this program through Commuter Connect services like our Bike Buddy program, vanpooling and carpooling, telecommuting and Workforce Connecters. Find program information on our website
    August Recap: Where We've Been & 
    Where We Are Going 
    CIRTA’s Program Manager, Amanda Meyer, was able to share details on CIRTA’s services in August. She attended the ACT Conference in Seattle where she had the opportunity to connect with a network of TDM professionals from around the country. Amanda also teamed up with Craig Rak, from Commute with Enterprise, to discuss the carpool, vanpool, and emergency ride home programs with the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce. She finished the month strong by presenting at Hendrick’s County Workforce Summit. 
    Lore, the newest member of CIRTA’s Outreach Team, had the opportunity to table at The Indy VegFest at Gainbridge Fieldhouse alongside several other local organizations. Lore also was able to teach smart commuting to students at Harrison Hill Elementary. Our team also had the opportunity to share information at this year’s Indy Crit races. 
    Ask an Outreach Representative to visit your business. 
    Show your employees you care by providing them with reliable and affordable transportation options for their daily commutes to work. CIRTA partners with businesses and organizations in Central Indiana to provide transportation solutions through Commuter Connect programs including carpooling, vanpooling, Workforce Connecters and more.
    Check out some of the employers we connected with in August: 
    • Starkey Distribution Center                                        
    • GNC Distribution Center
    • Walmart Distribution Center
    • SMC Noblesville
    • Amazon Plainfield
    • State of Indiana
    • Amazon Greenwood
    • Mercury Marine
    • Indiana Superior Courts
    • Full Beauty Brands
    • Hyatt Recency
    • Horizon House
    • Recycle Force
    Want to add your company’s name to the list? Reach out today. Call 317.327.RIDE (7433) or email info@cirta.us.
    Catch us at upcoming events in September:
    Get to Know CIRTA's New Outreach Representative, Lore Hernandez
    CIRTA and Commuter Connect are thrilled to welcome Lore Hernandez as the newest member of the Outreach Team. Learn more about Lore below! 
    How did you get started in the industry? I was looking for a career where I could meet new people and build relationships. I was also intrigued by the environmental benefits of carpooling. I’m glad I joined the team. 
    What is your favorite part of the job? I enjoy meeting people who care about the environment as much as I do. I also like going to events and meeting the hard-working people who make this city run.
    What is your best commuting tip? I encourage people to leave early and always plan for possible street closures and accidents. Stress is your biggest enemy when you’re commuting. So, take a deep breath and think about how blessed you are to be alive. 
    How do you like to spend your time outside of work? I love going to watch Marvel movies at the theaters. Sometimes, I feel like I live in a superhero universe, however, in our universe superheroes chose to hide from the public and save the world in secret. Those people are called nurses, teachers, moms, and grandmas!
    What are you reading or watching right now? I typically read the news every day so I can be informed about world events and the climate crisis.
    What is your favorite destination in Central Indiana? My favorite destination is Tacos de Burris on W. Michigan Street. They make the best tacos! 
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