• CIRTA/Commuter Connect: Your January update on all things CIRTA

    January 6th, 2023
    Happy New Year from CIRTA!
    Happy New Year, commuters! Looking to set an environmentally friendly resolution for 2023? Luckily there is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to making greener choices, especially when it comes to transportation.
    Need some inspiration? Check out these ideas from our team to help make 2023 your greenest year yet:
    • Jennifer Gebhard (Executive Director): Commit to biking more than you have in previous years and use less plastics within your home! Carpool with friends and family too.
    • Dave Krieg (Mobility Manager): Carpool as much as possible and implement schedules with co-workers, family members and neighbors to help alleviate stress of coordinating rides.
    • Sarah Kendall (Outreach Representative): Bring reusable shopping bags when you go grocery shopping! Also, limit going through the drive-thru whenever possible to reduce gas waste and carbon emissions.
    • Allison Steinke (Outreach Representative): Ride your bike as much as possible when it reaches a warm enough temperature. Allison says she will start riding her bike when it’s 45 degrees or warmer out.
    • Amanda Meyer (Program Manager): Try combining trips when you run errands to reduce travels in your car. It helps save at the gas pump and is less CO2 emissions. Also, think of ways to go digital and print less!
    • Berrie Rupert (Outreach Representative): Instead of going for a leisure drive, try walking or biking a trail near you. Berrie says he enjoys doing this to help work on himself and improve the environment.
    • Sarah Troutman (Administrative Assistant): Even if you drive a fuel or environment-friendly car, you can make a great contribution by combining trips with other commuters and find ways to drive less in general. 
    Find ways to involve friends and families in these efforts whether it’s carpooling to work or biking to visit friends and neighbors. Check out our recent blog for more wellness ideas and ways to go green in the new year.
    It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for Car Free Day 2023
    It might be the first month of the year, but we are already planning for Car Free Day 2023 in September, and you can too! Finding ways to go car lite or car free throughout the year will help our environment and make central Indiana a better place to live, work and play. Head to our website to learn more about our carpooling, vanpool and other alternative transit services. We also provide preplanned routes using IndyGo and our Workforce Connectors to ensure you are always on time for work.
    It’s also a great time to find other modes of transportation. In May, we will celebrate Bike to Work Day by encouraging our commuters to find a route to work using trails, roads or bike lanes. Stay tuned on social for more information from our biking experts as we get closer to March.
    In the meantime, check out our website to find more information about our Bike Buddy program and match with an experienced cyclist in a few simple steps. We also recommend Pacer’s Bikeshare which has 50 bike stations around Indianapolis where you can rent an easy-to-use bicycle for only $1.00 to start, and fifteen cents per a minute after. Our Program Manager Amanda and Outreach Representative Alli used Pacer’s Bikeshare to get to a meeting in the City of Indianapolis and had a great experience! Check out the photo from their ride and visit www.pacersbikeshare.org to learn more.
    Adopting these habits offers a lot of advantages to our daily lives. They improve our overall health and well-being while creating a cleaner environment and saving money at the gas pump! 
    Alli and Amanda on their Pacer's Bikeshare bikes
    New Year, New Office: Kick-Start your Company’s 2023 with CIRTA
    Interested in bolstering your company’s reputation as an employer of choice? Providing alternative transit related benefits can help you attract and retain valuable talent. Now more than ever, employees greatly consider their commute and the environmental responsibility of employers and when looking for and considering a new position.
    By working with CIRTA, we can help you provide benefits that cost your company little to nothing, such as pre-tax flex accounts for commuting-related expenses, transit related subsidies, preferential parking for car/vanpools, bike locker and commuter shower installation and more. A member of our team will also provide one-on-one guidance to your staff on how to take advantage of their benefits, including our Emergency Ride Home program.
    Getting started is simple, and FREE. Reach out to us at info@cirta.us or call one of our outreach representatives at 317-327-RIDE. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your company’s needs, challenges and expectations before helping craft a program made just for you and your employees.
    317-327-RIDE (7433)
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