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  • Duke Energy: Duke Energy Foundation grants in Shelby County

    The Duke Energy Foundation has been busy in Shelby County, supporting our community organizations and not-for-profits.  Since the beginning of 2021, the Foundation has provided the following grants in Shelby County:
    Mainstreet Shelbyville, First Friday Bucks – Duke Energy will serve as the title sponsor for Mainstreet Shelbyville’s First Friday Bucks. Beginning in May, customers purchasing items from Main Street businesses will receive a $5 voucher for every $15 spent. These vouchers can be used to make purchases from any downtown Shelbyville business on the first Friday of each month from May to September. This program is designed to support local businesses during the pandemic and the construction period for the Downtown Shelbyville renovations.
    Morristown Youth Football, Shelby County – The Duke Energy Foundation provided a $5,000 grant to the Waldron Youth Football League to establish a new youth league for neighboring Morristown students. The Duke Energy funds will be used to purchase equipment, allowing athletes to participate with limited upfront costs. The inaugural season is scheduled to start in late summer.
    Girls Inc. of Shelby County – The Duke Energy Foundation provided a $2,500 grant to Girls Inc. of Shelby County to support the 2021 Girls enCourage summer program. The 11-week program is an expansion of the existing Girls Inc. Sporting Chance program for younger girls focused on traditional movement and sports. Girls benefit from adventure sports programs that engage them in a safe, supportive environment.
    Early Learning Shelby County – A $2,500 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation was awarded to Early Learning Shelby County to support the Bright by Text program – a nationwide text messaging service that helps parents/caregivers of children, prenatal to age 8, make the most of everyday interactions. Families receive free tips, information, games and resources from national and local providers to support early learning and development.
    We are a proud Shelby County partner.