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  • Human Services, Inc. Energy Assistance Program: Summer Cool Program

    Human Services, Inc. is now accepting households for the 2018-2019 Energy Assistance Program (EAP) for the summer season. 
    In order to be eligible for the Summer Crisis Benefit a household must meet each of the following criteria:
    -Have applied and been determined eligible for EAP during the 2018/2019 heating season.
    -Include at least one household member who meets the criteria for an “at-risk” household (i.e. elderly, disabled, veteran, child aged 5 or under).
    -Present an electric utility bill that is scheduled for disconnection or already disconnected or be within 10 days of running out of funds on a prepaid electric account.
    In order to be eligible for a window air conditioner unit a household must:
    -Meet the first two criteria listed above.
    -Dwelling does not have a central air conditioning system installed, or a central air conditioning system is installed but not operational
    -Member of the household has a medical condition that makes air conditioning necessary in order to ensure health and safety, verified by a physician or nurse practitioner on the Air Conditioner Affidavit.
    -Household has not received a window air conditioner paid for with LIHEAP funds in the past five (5) years.
    -Applicant has signed Air Conditioner Affidavit agreeing to all terms, including prohibition on selling or transferring the air conditioner unit for a period of five (5) years.
    Funds and Air Conditioners are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    Please contact Human Services, Inc. of Shelby County at (317)398-3153 for more information!


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