• Ivy Tech Community College: Leadership Training in Shelbyville - January 2024 - Registration Open

    2023 has flown by and I wanted to share with you an upcoming development opportunity available in Shelby County kicking off in January 2024. This a great opportunity to start the new year with an investment in team members within your organization.
    Ivy Tech’s Leading and Managing on the Front Line, 11-week leadership training series, is a quality, affordable leadership training on a schedule and format designed to make the most impact. Our expert facilitators work with participants to better understand themselves, the teams they are working with, and how to lead in a way that increases engagement, retention, and production.
    This training program is set up so that training participants meet once a week on Thursdays, from 8am-noon, to cover a different topic each week. The idea is that the time in between sessions can be used for training participants to apply what they learned and share out with the group the next week. The training is set to begin on Thursday, January 25th and end on Thursday, April 4th. Topics that will be covered are:
    • Myer-Briggs Personality Type
    • Understanding Yourself: Developing Emotional Intelligence
    • Ready for Change – Developing Effective Communication Skills
    • Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for all Generations
    • Building and Maintaining Trust & Inspiring Team Performance
    • Creating a Culture of Engagement
    • Establishing and Modeling Accountability
    • Delegation and Effective Feedback
    • Positive Workplace Interactions & Resolving Conflict within the Team
    • Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Setting Priorities/Setting Goals/Time Management
    Please feel free to share this across your network and let me know if you have any questions. We would love to have leaders from your organization benefit from the experience!
    All the best,
    Monica Robinson, MSL, CCSP
    Ivy Tech Community College
    Employer Consultant
    Office Phone: 812-374-5129