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  • Knauf Insulation: Community Blood Drive Challenge

    In being a good steward for our community, Knauf Insulation is hosting a Blood Drive for all Knauf employees and we’d like to challenge our fellow Shelby County employers to do the same.  Giving back to our Community is easier than you think.  Together, let’s do more For The World We Live In. 
    To make this interesting, Knauf will make a donation in the amount of $1000 to SCUFFY in the name of the company with the most donors.   To make this fair, we will calculate this by percentage of employees donating.  The Blood Drive must be completed by August 31, 2020, you may also schedule more than 1!  The donors must be employed by your company.  Should you wish to participate, please contact Brandi Smith at brandi.smith@knaufinsulation.com.  She can put you in contact with the Knauf blood drive coordinator.  Let’s all share our experiences with those involved so we can see the positive impact we can make within our community. 

    1. The Hard Facts:
      1. Every 2 seconds in the US someone needs blood
        1. There are 86,400 seconds in a single day – that’s 43,200 people every day that are in need of the generosity of blood donors.
        2. With that being said – 37% of the US population is eligible to donate, but only 3-4% actually do.
      2. Here in Indiana, we need to see 550 donors every day to keep up with the demand of our local hospitals.
    2. There is NO Substitute for blood, platelets, or plasma
      1. Cannot be manufactured
      2. People are often surprised to learn how much blood is in inventory for the public blood supply.
        1. The Blood Center of Indiana operates on a 2-3 day blood supply.
        2. In order to sustain that level of inventory, we must see those 550 donors daily that I spoke of before, but there are many days we do not meet that goal – again, because the daily demands of life get in the way. 
    3. How will your partnership impact our community?
      1. One of my favorite facts to share is that each individual donation will actually help up to 3 patients in need at our local hospitals.
        1. Red Blood Cells
        2. Platelets
        3. Plasma
      2. Lets say we our goal at our first drive is 25 donors.
        1. 75 patients impacted by 1 drive
        2. What if you hosted quarterly! – that’s 300 people impacted every year by the generosity of your team here at Knauf.
    What are you doing For The World We Live In?