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  • Major Health Partners: Major Health Partners Goes Live with Meditech Expanse

    Major Health Partners Goes Live with Meditech Expanse
    New EMR Improves Patient and Provider Processes
    (June 27, 2019) Shelbyville, IN --- Monday, July 1 will be an unusually busy day for Major Health Partners (MHP). The entire MHP health system will launch a new, integrated electronic health record (EHR) called “Expanse”. Expanse, a product of the leading healthcare software firm Meditech, will give MHP patients enhanced access to their health information and their care teams no matter where they are within the MHP network. It is designed to make the entire healthcare experience for MHP patients simpler, more coordinated and more convenient.

    To date, MHP has used two different information systems, one for hospital-centered care and one for outpatient care. Patient data and medical records such a labs, X-rays and inpatient stays were housed in one system while outpatient provider visits and prescription information were stored in another. These separate information systems were not seamless for patients and providers, so a significant investment is being made to improve our information systems. Expanse will combine all patient medical and financial information at MHP into a state-of-the-art, HIPAA-compliant system.

    Implementing a new EMR is a large-scale, transformational change for staff at MHP. For the first time, MHP providers and clinical staff have one central system for documentation and communication that allows real-time, comprehensive data to be used for clinical decision-making and care delivery. During the first several weeks of implementation, MHP offices and departments will operate on reduced schedules to ensure patient information is properly transferred into the new system. As a result, some delays and a temporary decrease in access is expected during the initial implementation period.  Operations will return to normal in six to eight weeks.

    Expanse will give staff across the MHP health network the same real-time, secure access to vital patient information that ensures continuity of care—from scheduling to registration, point-of-care, and discharge. Expanse integrates multiple clinical systems previously used for imaging, labs and medication orders, improving staff workflow speed, efficiency and accuracy.

    Expanse also brings a new, singular integrated patient portal called My MHP Health. Patients will be able to connect with their providers via secure direct messaging, view test results, schedule appointments, refill prescriptions and pay medical bills. This allows patients more convenient navigation and access to their healthcare enabling more empowered and engaged participation in their care.

    Hundreds of employees across all departments within MHP have collaborated and planned for months on the design, development and execution of the monumental Expanse project. The scope and complexity of this project rivals MHP’s recent construction and relocation of the former Major Hospital to the MHP Medical Center in 2017.

    “Expanse is the platform that will enable MHP to truly provide our patients seamless access to the care they need today, when and where they need it,” said Carol Huesman, Chief Information Officer for MHP. “Expanse also ensures improvements in safety and quality of care that prepares MHP for the changing environment of healthcare for years to come.”

    Visit myMHP.org/Expanse for a list of our FAQs.


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