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  • Morristown Boys & Girls Club: Morristown Boys & Girls Club needs snacks

    Morristown Boys and Girls club needs snacks

    By HANNAH GUNNELL hgunnell@shelbynews.com Sep 2, 2020
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    The Morristown Boys and Girls Club is asking for snack donations after fnding out they will lose their snack program due to budget cuts.
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    The Morristown Boys and Girls Club is in need of snacks after facing some funding cuts.
    "On Sept 30, 2020 the club is losing their snack program through the Boys & Girls Club Alliance of Indiana due to budget cuts," Spahr said. "And the club could use some help from the Community."
    The club has used funds from The Boys and Girls Club Alliance for the last seven years.
    "This is a bigger issue than losing the carnival," Morristown Boys and Girls Director Scott Spahr said. The Morristown City Council cancelled the club's carnival fundraiser last week to protect its youngest residents from getting COVID-19.

    Spahr said the club is reaching out to local businesses, applying for grants, and asking for food donations. He created an Amazon Wishlist page (titled Morristown Boys and Girls Club) that includes all the snacks one can purchase for the club.
    "This community really stepped up and I've already seen seven big Amazon packages full of food," he said.
    The club has received more since then, according to a photo Spahr submitted that showed at least 15 boxes.