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  • SCAC Fitness: 5 Healthy Post Workout Snacks

    We know so many of our members come into the gym and once they finish working out they have to run out the door and back to 'real life.' Real life as a mom or dad, real life as a busy professional, real life as a community volunteer...the busy life!

    But one important part of your fitness routine needs to be getting in healthy post workout nutrition. We wanted to quickly (because we know you are busy!) share with you 5 healthy and easy post workout snacks that you could even bring with you to eat as you rush out our doors!


    5 Healthy Post Workout Snacks

    Sweet Potato Protein Bars - easy whole foods based, kids love too!

    Chunky Monkey Rice Cakes - chocolate and peanut butter...yum!

    Hard Boiled Eggs, Carrots, Nuts - healthy protein, fat, veggies - to go!

    Healthy Chocolate Muscle Milk - make your own protein milk!! Save money!

    Apple Cheese Crackers - perfect for a mid day workout and great for kids too!


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