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  • SCAC Fitness: My GET TO, not HAVE TO

    Every day, we make choices. What time do we wake up? How do we handle getting cut off in traffic? Who do we smile at? When do we eat? 
    While we don't get to control everything that happens to us, we do get to control how we react and take action.
    Here's something that I have done that really changed my mindset.

    I replace my "have-tos" with "get-tos"
    Instead of "I have to go to work", it's "I get to go to work".
    Instead of "I have to do the laundry", it's "I get to do the laundry".
    When you replace your "have-tos" with "get-tos", life is so much better. You're more grateful, happier, and you focus on the positive!
    You "GET TO" come to the gym - and I can't wait for you to do it!


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