• Shelby County Chamber: Growth and New Beginnings for Two Leading Shelby County Organizations

      Growth and New Beginnings for Two Leading Shelby County Organizations   

    The historic and stunning Porter Center on Harrison Street in Shelbyville continues to house growth and new beginnings for Shelby County. For many years, the Shelby County Chamber has enjoyed the opportunity to call the Porter Center, owned by the Shelby County Tourism & Visitors Bureau, its home. Now, Shelby County Tourism and the Shelby County Chamber stand on the brink of great opportunity.

    “I am proud of Shelby County and get excited whenever I hear growth and Shelby County in the same sentence. The Shelby County Tourism & Visitors Bureau is developing into a new, and improved organization under the leadership of Rachael Ackley, Executive Director. We are on the cusp of developing the organization into even a bigger success story.  Not only has the Shelby County Tourism organization grown, but so has the Shelby County Chamber,” said Tony Titus, Board President of Shelby County Tourism & Visitors Bureau. 

    Stephanie Amos, President of the Shelby County Chamber, said she is happy that “we are still talking about growth and the Chamber. We are celebrating our 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary this year. Seventy-five years of supporting the area business community and we’re still advancing and going strong. In fact, for quite some time we have talked about moving from the Porter Center due to our increased staff and overall growth of the Chamber. This is the year we are going to make that move happen. This move will allow the Chamber to continue to flourish and give Shelby County Tourism the space they need so they can reach their new level of success.”

    After months of viewing possible office spaces, the Shelby County Chamber Board of Directors found and secured a new home for the Chamber in downtown Shelbyville.  Nathan Runnebohm, Past- President of the Shelby County Chamber, said “due to the generous negotiation with Major Health Partners (MHP), the Chamber was able to secure ownership of 157 West Washington Street. The building we are purchasing is the former clinic located across the street from the past location of Major Hospital. We are busy working on renovations and updating the building. This is a wonderful building that will serve the Shelby County Chamber for many years. On behalf of the entire Shelby County Chamber organization, we cannot thank MHP enough for working with us. MHP has once again shown their desire and commitment to the growth of important organizations like the Chamber and Visitors Center.”

    The new Chamber office building will be completed this spring. “If all goes as planned, we hope to move into the new building in April or early May. After the move takes place, we plan to have a ribbon cutting and we’ll be inviting all of our members to help us celebrate our new home – and our 75-year birthday!” said Amos. Amos is quick to acknowledge the Shelby County Tourism & Visitors Bureau who owns the Porter Center. “On behalf of the Shelby County Chamber Board of Directors, we would like to thank the Shelby County Tourism & Visitors Bureau and their Board of Directors for their continued support of the Chamber and providing us with the impressive office space in the Porter Center. Their kindness through the years enabled us to grow our membership and provide business and community programming.”

    “We are going miss working together in the same building, but we will still work together on projects,” said Executive Director of Shelby County Tourism & Visitors Bureau. “Of course, we have become good friends and worked extremely well together. But the only way we can grow each organization is to each have more space. This is bittersweet for both organizations.”

    (L-R) Board Past-President Nathan Runnebohm, Executive Director Donna Christian, 2023 Board President Stephanie Amos.

    About the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce:
    The Shelby County Chamber is a membership organization that promotes Shelby County businesses.  It was founded in 1948 and is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary. Our mission: “As an affiliation of business and community service entities, the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce advocates for a pro-business environment and supports the success of its members, while collaborating with network partners to drive Shelby County forward as a highly desirable community in which to work, live, and play.” Visit us at www.shelbycountychamber.net or follow us on social media:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN.