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  • Shelby County Recycling District: Recycling Drop-Off Trial Period

    Part of the Shelby County Recycling District’s mission speaks about sustainability.  Not only are our goals to reduce, reuse, recycle, but also protecting our environment.  To that point, the comingle recycle cans located at the Transfer Station outside the fenced area are switched out on average 43 times per month.  The District owns equipment onsite that would compact the material.  Instead of 43 times the containers are switched out, the estimate would be 21 switch outs.  What a dramatic difference and a huge impact to our environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the trucks that switch out the containers. 

    What does this mean for you?  On September 1st, a trial period will start by removing the containers.  Recycling drop off will only be permitted during regular business hours with an attendant accepting your material.  The hours are Mon-Fri, 7:30a-5:00p, and Sat from 7:30a-Noon.  Do not drop off material after hours.  The trial period will be for the month of September.  During that time, evaluation of the switch outs of the container will be completed along with the quality of material that is received.  The District’s hope is that not only will we be making an impact in environmental sustainability but also eliminating the illegal dumping at the site.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please contact Lisa Carpenter, Executive Director, at 317-392-8904 or via email at lcarpenter@cleanshelby.org.

    Thank you for your understanding and partnership in making Shelby County a clean community!