• Shelbyville Middle School: Callout for Volunteer Judges for SMS Robotics Tournaments

    Attention Chamber Friends!
    We’ve got a teacher here in Shelbyville that needs some help! Luke Lockridge of Shelbyville Middle School needs volunteer judges. Luke needs to secure volunteer judges for three tournaments this school year.  Here are the dates:
    • Nov. 12th
    • Jan. 21st
    • Feb. 11th
    Volunteers with a background in engineering or STEM would be ideal judges. Could you help judge? Or do you know of a family member, friend or employee that might like to participate in this great student event? Please contact:
    Luke Lockridge
    Engineering and Technology Education
    NISE Certified Stem Teacher
    Shelbyville Middle School Robotics Club Sponsor
    Shelbyville Middle School
    392-2551 Ext: 3340
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