• Strand Theatre: Theft reported

    Theft reported

    JUNE 15, 2022 - The Strand Theatre reported a theft to the Shelbyville Police Department on Friday June 10,2022. The theater has struggled with failures of their air conditioning units. This equipment was installed in 2015 and is in excellent condition.

    The theater personnel spent several weeks eliminating every cause for the failure. Diagnosis was unsuccessful and Scott Cook HVAC was called to investigate. He informed the theater’s staff the refrigerant from all seven units was gone. There was evidence of equipment used to remove the gas.

    Earlier this spring the volunteers discovered that someone tried to pry open the access cover between the room and the attic. They were unsuccessful in gaining entry to the Strand, but did damage to the latch mechanism. Mr. Cook recharged all units and leak tested each. There were no leaks present, and all units became operational with the addition of the refrigerant 410A.

    The cost to replace the refrigerant was just under $4000.

    The Strand Theatre is Shelbyville is a not-for-profit, all volunteer performing arts center. They have presented over 1450 events since opening in 2008.