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  • Strand Theatre: Weekly Newsletter 1-11-19

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    January 11, 2019




    January 11, 2019

    Strand Performing Arts Center

     Weekly Newsletter

    Volume 13 Number 2


    Our 12th Season



    Dear Strand Fan,



    Last week’s work session was very successful.   The holiday decorations are removed and stored.  We also erected the scaffolding on stage for painting.    The theater is ready for our list this week.


    1. Paint the ceiling above the stage
    2. Paint the walls around the proscenium
    3. Trim paint around the auditorium seats.
    4. Patch the upstage floor.

    We are painting painting painting!   We could use your help. All are welcome!

    A group of Strand volunteers did a little urban mining this week.   We harvested boards from our original 1916 stage floor. This floor will be replaced when our full stage renovation occurs.   The wood from this floor is being made into our new board room table. It will be a lasting tribute to all the great entertainment performed on that stage since 1916.   Furniture maker and master woodworker John Norris is building the table.

    Jim Wendel of Moscow Millworks came to go over final touches of our second floor window restoration.    The windows are almost complete with the final work needing spring weather. A few details including new hardware is being accomplished this month.    All the windows are functional and followed the National Parks Service Guidelines for Historic Window Restoration. The difference is staggering. No leaking windows and our offices stay toasty warm!  Thank you to Mainstreet Shelbyville for a wonderful grant that offset 50% of the project cost.

    Bob S. and Noah H. spent last Saturday in the basement under the women’s restroom.   We have a pesky light that would not work. After a little investigation they found a cut wire from years ago.   After a proper repair the light works! This has been a problem with a dark stairway since we acquired the theater in October 2006.   We gave Bob 13 years to get it done...he finished with 10 months to spare.

    Preparations are underway to solve how to loop rope through the 1916 pulley system in our fly loft.   It is 42 feet in the air and we just can’t figure out a safe way to accomplish this 30 second task. If you want to take a look, stop over on Saturday and see if you can solve the puzzle.   

    Our booking is continuing for 2019.   We have a few additional shows slowly making it into the lineup.  We are working on a Rock & Roll Concert in late October. This is currently being put together with an announcement soon.    We also booked the Directors’ Jazz Orchestra for a night of swing and big band music. This November concert will feature our very own McKenna Hall as vocalist.  We look forward to hearing her sing with a Big Band!

    It is hard to believe but this week we began booking acts in 2020.   We already have several on the books. We are very fortunate to be a performance destination for so many.    If you would like to use the Strand, please let us know!

    Our marketing volunteers are still working on posters, descriptions, and social media for this season.   If you would like to help we would love to have you. We are about 45% finished with our events, only 70 left to do!

    Work started this week on the installation of our Hearing Impaired Amplification System.   This system was generously funded by a local donor. This system will be hearing aid compatible and feature belt back amplifiers.   The design of the system is compliant with all the ADA requirements for theaters. We are thrilled to add this feature to help our patrons enjoy the performances.

    Thank you for all the support.  We cherish this time to work on the Strand.  Starting February 1st we won’t have a break until December 20, 2019!   See you at the Strand.



    If you would like to volunteer for an event, email to: rhonda.schwegman@StrandPAC.org


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    January - Renovation Work



    January 13, 2019

    January 20, 2019

    January 27, 2019

    9am - 1pm




    Starring Gary Busey

    February 1, 2019 

    7:30pm  $5

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    Tribute Concert
    honoring the 60th
    anniversary of Buddy Holly's
    last concert


    Featuring Kenny James

    February 2, (1959) 2019

    7:30pm  $20

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    Festival Film Series
    in 16mm


    February 5, 2019

    7pm  $10

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    Community Treasure Series
    "Conversations on Local


    February 6, 2019

    7pm  Free

    Broadcast on Facebook Live



    Friday Night Frights

    THE GOLEM (1920)

    February 15, 2019

    7:30pm  $5

    Click here for Tickets



    Country Music Concert


    February 16, 2019

    8pm   $20

    Click here for Tickets



    Shelby County Players


    February 22 - 7:30pm

    February 23, - 7:30pm

    February 24 - 2pm

    February 28 - 7:30pm

    March 1 - 7:30pm

    March 2 - 7:30pm

    March 3 - 2pm




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    "Building an audience, one seat at a time."


    David Finkel
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