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  • The Addison Times: Addison Times to Wind Down; Print Edition Canceled

    Print Edition Canceled; Addison Times to Wind Down

    The short version:

    It is with genuine regret that I am pulling the plug on the print edition. Refunds are in process. (Credit card refunds will be submitted today; checks will be mailed Monday.) The staple Addison Times features will continue until Feb. 2, 2021, which you will receive for no charge. The same refund schedule applies for the digital edition.

    The extended version:

    Although we didn’t reach 1,000 print subscribers, I made as many cuts as possible to move this forward. But with our first printing nearing, I’m nervous. As many of you recall, the last time I started on less-than-certain footing, I failed. While this decision is embarrassing, it’s better than starting the job and not being able to finish it.

    I have worked full-time in addition to the news business for the past several years. I’ve never taken any income from our business. The business has always paid its bills and when cash flow shortages happened (perhaps an advertiser went out of business or was late to pay), I’ve covered it with my teaching income.

    But it was time for the business to either stand on its own or not stand at all. The print edition was my attempt for it to “go big” rather than "go home". Thank you so much for doing your part to support local news; I will never forget it.

    On that note, it’s time I focus on one endeavor. When I launched the Addison Times, I promised it would continue for two years. Feb. 2, 2021 marks its final edition. We will continue our history and basic sections until then. You will receive it free of charge until our final issue. Thank you again for your long-time support. My email will remain active. Feel free to reach out with any questions or needs.

    - Kristiaan Rawlings