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  • The Chicken Inn: Labor Day Lunch at the Salvation Army

    The Chicken Inn will be providing and serving lunches to those in need at the Salvation Army on Labor Day, September 7th.  Check out our business Facebook page for more information. We have asked our friends, family and other business members if they would consider making a dry goods donation directly to the Salvation Army as an additional show of support for their pantry. This could include soups, mac & cheese, cereal, ramen noodles, etc. Tell them it's your "Labor Day" donation. Help us show our community that we support each other when someone is in need, putting all else aside. These last few months have been so difficult for everyone, but especially for those who find themselves without shelter or food. In speaking with their staff, we have found they can always use these types of donations as they do feed upwards of 100 people daily with 2 meals each when possible.  We can help ease their burden just a bit by our donations. Please share with your friends as well!

    Thank You All!
    The Chicken Inn Family