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    Navigating Employment Compliance Law Changes: What Businesses Need to Know

    As we enter July, businesses must be prepared for a series of significant changes in employment compliance laws. July 1 marks the beginning of several new regulations and requirements that will impact HR practices, state-specific laws, and workplace safety standards.

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    The Importance of Timely Leave Notification




    Learn how new leave policies, including paid sick leave and family leave, impact you and your business. 

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    Best Practices for Reviewing and Updating Your Tax Withholdings


    Ensure you follow today's best practices for compliance with tax laws and ensure the accuracy of your pay.

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    Talent Rediscovery as a Recruiting Strategy

    Explore how you can get creative with your recruitment strategy to find and retain top talent for your teams.

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    2024 July Compliance Tracker

    This tracker provides everything you need to know about upcoming employer benefits filing deadlines. From Form 5500 for ERISA-covered employee benefit plans to PCORI fees.

    July Compliance Tracker

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