• Clay Academy, LLC



    About Us

    A few years ago I left the public school system to take a little break and figure out what I wanted to do with myself. A good friend of mine always suggested that I start my own preschool, so I started looking into the process and requirements. At first, it seemed like a simple process that would only take a year at the most. I found a home that would accommodate a preschool class, replaced the HVAC system with a high end furnace/air conditioning with a special UV light to help neutralize germs as the air circulates through the vents, and replaced some flooring. I took the classes required and then applied for a variance to run a business in my home. To my surprise, I was required to get a larger septic system. This requirement was unexpected and very expensive. It set me back another year, but I did not give up. Once the septic was in place, I had to get a fenced in area for the playground. With the help from some friends, the fence was done quickly. All that remained was becoming licensed. With all the classes completed, I was able to quickly get the license. By choice, I enrolled in Paths to Quality. I had to start out at level one, and have moved up to level three within two years.

    Now I have a small class of young children eager to learn which has grown slowly throughout the year. We enjoy art, math, language arts, science, and social studies activities regularly. The outdoor area is large enough to run around and kick a ball or play a game.